[02.07.2024] The submission deadline has been extended by 10 days to July 15th

Motivations and Objectives

Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) is a popular way to specify, design, implement, deploy and maintain complex systems with high quality and lower costs. These systems combine multiple areas of engineering, including mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, biochemical, control, signal processing, and more. To represent all these aspects, a large number of heterogeneous models are required. However, managing these models correctly can be challenging, especially when different teams work on them simultaneously, which is common in collaborative and concurrent engineering. This activity is called Model Management (MoM) and includes activities beyond maintaining model consistency, such as managing model views, model validity, model versions, and development workflows.

MoM is crucial for industries that are moving from traditional engineering methods to MBSE. Therefore, there are many approaches to MoM, both from academia and industry. However, there is still no single theory or approach to tackle this problem. To address this, this MoM workshop’s first edition aims to bring together international researchers and practitioners from academia and research for an intense one-day workshop. The goal is to further the state-of-the-art in MoM, develop new collaborations, and define future directions.

Workshop Purpose

We want to bring together researchers and practitioners in the area of MoM from academia and industry, to identify possible points of synergy, common problems and solutions, tool-building aspects and a vision for the future of this research area. The workshop will be highly interactive, with a significant portion of the workshop dedicated to discussions.

Regular research papers from academic and industry authors will present novel research results on the workshop’s topics of interest. We will also encourage the submission of out-of-the-box presentations, which are not deeply researched yet but can lead to new insights, discussions, and future collaborations.

We will also invite the submission of exemplars, which consists of use cases of systems development environments made of a set of modeling languages and tools jointly used to support engineering activities. Such papers should explicitly detail the underlying formalisms, languages, tools and workflows deployed to support such activities, all expressed similarly to enable comparison and extract MoM common practices, problems and solutions.


This First International Workshop on Model Management (MoM) will take place on Septembre 2024 and is co-located with the 27th International Conference on Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems (MODELS 2024).

Intended Audience

The intended audience includes researchers and practitioners interested in MoM, primarily in the context of complex / cyber-physical systems development and throughout the whole system life cycle for which models can be used, and in particular at system operation time when digital twins are used. Attendees from the MBSE community, but also from the Multi-Paradigm Modeling (MPM) community of earlier MPM-related events that have been organized are welcome, including researchers who work on the fundamentals of MoM, tool builders, and users of these tools from both industry and academia.